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Webinar Softwares

Webinar Softwares : Webinars are a great way to share knowledge and promote your business. They have become popular because they offer a more personal experience for viewers and allow you to interact with them more directly. Webinar softwares help you create and manage your webinars with ease.

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There are many options available in the market when it comes to webinar softwares, but not all of them offer the same features or capabilities. In this section, we will be looking at some of the most popular webinar softwares that you can use for your business.

Top 15 Best Webinar Softwares in 2022


Livestorm has a wealth of features required to host great webinars for your business. Livestorm aims to build relationships and relationships with their audience. It is also used by other categories of webinar users because it aims to build relationships with its audience.

Marketing, sales, customer success, and HR teams can use Livestorm to create online events. Livestorm can accommodate up to 1,000 participants based on different plans.


WebinarJam is a cloud-based solution that allows companies to build and conduct webinar sessions, including live streams, private webinars, and social event broadcasts.

WebinarJam allows users to conduct engaging and interactive live streaming events such as webinars.

This webinar tool comes in a variety of planswhich is based on the robust WebinarJam broadcast distribution technology and offers amazing features and functionality for low prices.

WebinarNinja (Webinar Softwares)

WebinarNinja provides the best marketing features at a lower price, whether you need live webinars or automated webinars or not.

You can also stream your webinar live on Facebook and engage your audience with interactive surveys, Q & A, and questions held up. WebinarNinja Pro has the best marketing and sales capabilities. WebinarNinja is a well-known platform for webinars powered by video conferencing tools. It offers the perfect mix of online meetings, video conferencing, and webinars.


GoToWebinar is widely accepted video conference platforms which have more features to analyze the meetings. The main benefits of GoToWebinar include a handy video sharing feature, breakout rooms for sharing your audience, and some mobile apps used for webinar management.


LiveWebinar has modern and powerful features that allow you to run automated and live webinars on many platforms. It works with lead email marketing software, online shopping carts, and lead generation platforms. LiveWebinar wants as many advanced features as possible such as unlimited automated hybrid webinars.


EverWebinar – WebinarJAM is a platform focused on live webinars for social media campaigns. The webinar platforms also have email marketing features and live chats to help you automate your product sales and reach multiple audiences and it has a 30-day free trial period with a money-back guarantee.

My Own Conference  (Webinar Softwares)

Organizations can host webinars to help them strengthen their brand competence and sell products in a compelling way. Virtual conferencing software enables companies to host huge web conferences and webinars. If your device supports the app, you can access any web conferencing platform.

My Own Conference is a webinar tool that serves us with several plans like live streaming, Social media live and a 24 / 7 meeting space. My Own Conference provides a variety of tools to help you hold online meetings, distance training and webinars.


EasyWebinar is an easy-to-use cloud webinar platform with integrated marketing tools that allows you to connect with customers, automate engagement and optimize campaigns.

It’s a delayed high definition live webinar that allows up to 4 moderators and lets you turn attendees into moderators, conduct surveys, view special offers, and chat in real-time.


An effective email campaign program will help you to engage your audience and create your brand with loyalty and trust. GetResponse will help you in email marketing as it is a wonderful platform.

To run a professional website and make your brand you should have an email list and basic strategy which will be provided by the get response basic plan which starts at only 15$/month. Customers love the ease of use and affordability of the meeting when they do one.

Adobe Connect (Webinar Softwares)

Adobe Connect provides all the essential tools to host your webinar in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Adobe Connect helps in a built-in Live Video API for streaming a video on social media platforms like YouTube, allowing you to document live meetings and on-demand webinars at a later date. The amazing features will make more number of leads.

Adobe Connect Webinars allow you to create elegant and beautiful webinars that focus on the experience of the participants.


WebinarsOnAir offers an all-in-one solution for live webinars and recorded webinars. It provides integrated Q & A, surveys, surveys, live chat tools, and more. WebinarsOnAir software provides easy-to-use hosting controls, customized invites, reminders, and emails, custom branding, the audience waiting rooms, presentation, and built-in reporting.
It is aimed at businesses of all sizes and allows multiple people to speak and share screens during a webinar, not to mention a recorded meeting. WebinarsOnAir integrates into an intuitive platform that offers opportunities to automate webinars and customize invitations.

Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts is the best free webinar hosting platforms. Google Hangout offers no additional marketing features such as analytics, paid events, or email marketing compared to the other tools on this list, making it a slim option for the best webinar software.


Livestream webinar software allows you to create webinars, organize registration pages, and send emails from one platform. It provides everything you need to handle a meeting from start to the end.

Automation features such as the event registration page, promotional e-mails, and automated, custom e-mails reminding you of events let you start the webinar in no time. Livestream guides any size businesses and also support the NGO’s to held the live webinar. Whether you use it for internal communication, resource creation, or hosting huge webinars, it’s a job for everyone.

Zoom (Webinar Softwares)

Zoom webinar platform is the most used video conferencing solution for all types of business. It contains many features and plans based on your business size. Zoom webinar gives access to up to 100 panelists and 10,000 attendees depending upon the size of the license. You can select the date, time, and topic of the webinar on the zoom and send an invite link to anyone.

There is a record of the webinar option which is available on-demand and the webinar requires a password and ID to sign in. One can easily promote webinars using social media like Facebook or LinkedIn. Those who attend the webinars must remain engaged and it is quite easy for them to ask any questions or queries related to the topic.


AnyMeeting provides HD quality, questions and answers, participant talks, special topic surveys, computer and phone dialing options with international clients. Customers love the ease of use and affordability of meetings, no matter where they are held.

AnyMeeting webinar software provides easy-to-use hosting controls, customized invites, reminders and emails, custom branding, audience waiting rooms, presentation rooms, chat events, and built-in reporting.

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