Vaccination against COVID-19 for 15-18 year olds begins today; here’s what you need to know

Vaccination against coronavirus for people aged 15 to 18 starts today. In a recent tweet, union health minister Mansukh Mandaviya also called on family members of all children between the ages of 15 and 18 to apply for vaccination against COVID-19. Those born in 2007 or earlier will be eligible for vaccination in this category.

“If children are safe, then the future of the country is safe! On the occasion of the New Year, registration on the CoWIN portal for immunization of children aged 15 to 18 starts today. I am asking family members to register children who qualify for vaccination, ”Mandaviya wrote on Twitter.


  • The Minister of Health of the trade union Mansukh Mandaviya advised the states and territories of the Union to provide separate vaccination centers, places for sessions, order and various vaccination teams for age groups from 15 to 18 years.
  • Over 6.35 million children in the 15-18 age group signed up for the CoWIN platform by 7:50 p.m. on Sunday.
  • Children in this age group can also apply for vaccination against COVID-19 using their 10th class ID cards as they may not have Aadhaar or other ID cards.
  • These users will receive Covaxin only according to the “Guidelines for vaccination of children aged 15 to 18 against COVID-19 and precautionary doses for ZR, FLW and the 60+ population with comorbidity” issued by the Union Ministry of Health.
  • Delhi has published a list of 159 vaccination centers for children aged 15-18. These vaccination centers have been established in public hospitals, clinics, clinics and state and municipal schools in Delhi.
  • Twenty-one vaccination centers have been identified in Southwest District, 18 in New Delhi, 17 in Central Delhi, 16 in Northeast, 15 in East Delhi, 15 in West Delhi, 12 in Northwest, 12 in Northwest, 11 in North Delhi, 11 in Southeast Delhi and 10 in the Shahadra were identified for children.
  • In Haryana, more than 15 million children between the ages of 15 and 18 are eligible for vaccination against COVID-19, according to State Health Minister Anila Vija. He added that, although online registration will begin on January 1, an on-site registration option is also available.
  • Over 33 million children between the ages of 15 and 18 have been identified in Tamil Nadu as eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and the ride will begin at their educational institutions.
  • Special vaccination centers have been set up in Karnataka and priority will be given to those who have registered on the CoWIN portal. Students who cannot register for CoWIN will be assisted by the state education department. Students can also opt for entry registration.
  • Doctors called on parents to vaccinate their children against COVID-19 as soon as possible.
  • “The omicron variant of the virus infects humans and spreads, but those who are vaccinated are mostly asymptomatic, and essentially those who are not vaccinated need more hospitalization. So, I would appeal to people to wear masks and get vaccinated as soon as possible, if they meet the conditions, “Dr. Bishnu Panigrahi, head of the group for medical strategy and operations at Fortis Healthcare Group, told the news agency. PTI. He added that pediatricians will be on standby when vaccinations for this group begin.

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