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One way to balance audio frequencies in an audio source is to use audio equalization. In the past, this was achieved by using a piece of heavy equipment called the Equalizer. It is possible to use the digital equivalent of an equalizer on common computers to synchronize with the Windows operating system. Audio The enhancer for Windows 10 can be downloaded to the system and used while playing audio files.

It should be noted that some of the options available on the web are free to use, while others are paid. Here are some of the better alternatives to Windows 10 audio equalizers which are available for use.

Audio equalizer Windows 10 options

Adobe Audition is an equalizer that is easy to use but very effective in its performance. It works with minimal effort and can be used to listen to a wide range of audio frequencies.


  1. An echo effect can be added to the sound being played. This helps when used for stage performances.
  2. The user interface allows multi-track compatibility.
  3. There is quite a bit of customization in the settings.
  4. It is possible to add modified sounds to voice recordings on this audio equalizer for Windows.

If a handy equalizer add-on is required, then Voice AutoEQ would suit. The system allows the user to speed up audio processing during audio recording. Helps remove noise from recordings.


  1. Allows you to record audio files flawlessly.
  2. The plugin can be used to automatically cancel the breathing sound on files.
  3. It’s easy to use and even a layman can make the equalizer work.
  4. Supported on a number of platforms including Windows, Mac, etc.

This free Windows equalizer comes with several customization options and is easy to use. Software has no glitches that free software often has.


  1. Provides 3D support and has feature-rich enhancements.
  2. By providing separate profiles, it is possible to separate the external speaker settings from the headphones.
  3. Using a modular graphical interface, it is possible to work on multiple channels simultaneously.
  4. The equalizer is light and provides very little delay.
  5. Because the software is free, there are no costs associated with using the app.
Equilizer Apo

Viper4Windows is a free equalizer for Windows 10 and is compatible with other versions of the operating system. The application comes with numerous functions such as equalizer, convolver, surround, compressor and several more.



  1. The sound setting can be changed to fit the size of the room with a few simple maneuvers.
  2. With the free version of the equalizer for Windows 10, it is possible to access 18 bands and several preset levels, which brings additional convenience for its use.
  3. There is a bass boost function that provides support at low frequencies.
  4. Reverb settings allow you to control bandwidth, sound attenuation, density, decay and so on.
  5. With the use of Distortion Control, it is possible to change and effortlessly control music bands in decibels.

This is a free version of the equalizer for Windows 10 that has been released in the Windows Store. It can be seamlessly switched between different gaming applications.


  1. The controls are fairly simple to use with most functions accessed in a few clicks.
  2. Fits the look and style of the Windows operating system.
  3. Feedback Hub integrations possible with this free equalizer for Windows 10.

Built as an equalizer tool for Mac and Windows operating systems, Boom3D allows the user to calibrate sound with the flick of a finger.


  1. We offer full volume control on the audio equalizer.
  2. It can safely increase audio output to maximum levels.
  3. They are amazing and have rich audio effects.
  4. It turns off ambient sound and thus provides a great gaming experience.

The FXSound application increases the sound quality on a PC. At the price of a tenth of the price of high-end headphones or speakers, it is possible to achieve great value for money with this Windows 10 audio amplifier.


  1. It is possible to restore sound quality using 32-bit floating processing.
  2. Effectively turn up the volume.
  3. Fast performance allows quick control of audio output.

This is one free equalizer for Windows 10 that is on most lists because of its ability to work with WAV files. Works in real time to provide some of the most advanced sounds.


  1. Compressor and limiter functions provide sound that is neither too loud nor too low.
  2. An application can automatically adjust the sound system.
  3. Watch WAV audio files with MP3 player.
  4. It is free to use and therefore proves to be a cost-effective solution.
Graphic Equalizer Studio

Adjusting the sound quality happens in the blink of an eye with this audio equalizer for Windows. With this application it is possible to change the frequency composition of the sound in real time.

Real-time equalizer


  1. Works effortlessly in all audio file formats.
  2. The design is light and easy to use.
  3. This is a 31-band real-time graphic equalizer.

This Windows 10 amplifier is built on open source software and is compatible with the most popular audio file formats. More than equalizer software, this is a sound card that can be synchronized with a computer with driver files.

Realtek HD Audio Manager


  1. Supports multiple audio channels.
  2. A simplified user interface is at hand, making it easy to control.
  3. It has a power management interface that ensures economical system operation.

Other recommendations for a sound amplifier for Windows 10

With over 20+ preset settings on this free Windows equalizer, there is one limit for every possible situation. Easy on / off and the ability to amplify bass stand out in their performance.

Equalizer Pro

This free version of the equalizer for Windows 10 offers a range of bass that is hard to beat on a free download product. There are more controls built into such a small space that few users would complain about the lack of features.

Bongiovi Dps

Easy-to-use controls and virtual audio features make this a unique audio equalizer for Windows. For a free app, the equalizer can be quite good and suits every type of user.

Voicemeeter Banana

Graphic Equalizer Studio can offer the best choice that is suitable for live performance. The app can provide precise digital settings that are competitive with the highest paid and premium products.

Graphic Equalizer Studio

This audio amplifier Windows 10 the equalizer is one of the simplest available and is most suitable for monophonic voice recordings. The software can be used to edit the audio component of a video presentation. Easy to use and simple application that has its followers.

Wavepad Audio


Here, an attempt was made to understand the meaning of the equalizer application market with as little pomp as possible. Some of the software is free to use and others are not, but they provide users with value for money far above the free nature or price of the product.

One of the features of the Windows 10 operating system is that it does not offer a fully functional equalizer. Therefore, by using one of the applications offered by third-party vendors, it is possible to overcome this limitation.

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