The health infrastructure will be affected by more doctors who are positive for COVID-19, says IMA

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has warned that Indian health services could be damaged due to a growing number of medical staff, primarily doctors who become infected with coronavirus. The state body of doctors also stated that, although mortality is likely to be low in the third wave, Omicron is 5.4 times more contagious than Delta.

It further adds that, given the high exposure of healthcare professionals, especially physicians, to coronavirus patients in clinics and hospitals, they are expected to have 5-10 times more COVID-19 infections than the general public.

Mortality in the third wave is expected to be low, but the Omicron variant is 5.4 times more infectious than the Delta variant due to high health care exposure. [professionals] for patients with COVID in clinics and hospitals, physicians are expected to have 5 to 10 times more COVID infections than the general public. In many large medical colleges / hospitals in the country, there are a large number of medical staff, especially doctors, who are infected. “So the health infrastructure could collapse due to the lack of sick doctors,” the IMA said in a statement.

The IMA has also made some suggestions to ensure the safety of doctors in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. The medical body announced that the duty of the resident doctor regarding the corona virus should not be longer than 8 hours a day and 7 days, after which there must be a quarantine of 10 to 14 days in the accommodation of specialized doctors as prescribed by the appropriate hospitals.

It also adds that a provision needs to be provided for the health care of doctors, and doctors who fall ill while on duty at COVID-19 must be admitted to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. IMA further notes that in case of premature death, the doctor should be given the status of COVID martyr and agree on compensation and assistance in the case.

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