Premier League games will remain at Peacock while NBC Sports Network shuts down

When the clock strikes midnight in 2022 on the East Coast, the NBC Sports Network will shut down. will shift much of its sports coverage, including matches, on the USA Network.

Assuming more matches are not suspended due to teams that have too many COVID-19 cases, Premier League coverage will soon begin on the USA Network with on New Year’s Eve. Arsenal will face off against Manchester City league leader at 7:30 a.m. Eastern Time before Watford host Tottenham and Crystal Palace play West Ham. Sunday brings a match between Everton and Brighton, before Chelsea host Liverpool in a title contender clash.

Moving to the USA Network shouldn’t change much Peacock users, however. Overflow games and will remain on that platform, including three matches that should be broadcast on Peacock Premium on Sunday. Some of the bigger games will continue to be broadcast on the main NBC network, and NBCU will continue to broadcast every Premier League game on its numerous platforms.

It is unclear at this time whether there are any plans to broadcast overflow games on other NBCU networks. On the last day of the 2020-21 season, when all 10 matches started at the same time, USA Network, CNBC and Golf Channel broadcast one game each.

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