Is your blog ready for the holiday season?

Is your blog ready for the holiday season?

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Only 44 days until Christmas!

It’s time of year: the crazy season is almost ahead of us: there are only 15 days until Black Friday and 18 days until Cyber ​​Monday.

If you start preparing your blog for Christmas in December, you are probably late. The Christmas crowd starts at the end of November and escalates until the big day.

Brick and mortar stores have had Christmas trees and fake Santa Claus for months … but what is the blogosphere doing to prepare?

The answer depends on who you are talking to. Every blog and every audience is different though. Still, we can learn from each other and get inspiration from niches outside of our own.

Today and over the next few weeks we will look at several different blogs and see how their owners are preparing for the holiday season:

  • blogger-consultant-speaker
  • digital publisher
  • non-profit blog

Some of the blogs have been around for years, while others are barely 12 months old. Some of the bloggers work full time on their blogs, but others are part-time people who fit into blogging around everyday affairs. We will find out:

  • how they plan to optimize sales and promotions for the festive season
  • how they fit blogging around all the other things that happen before the end of the year
  • how they plan to stay in touch with clients, companions and fans during the New Year break
  • how much they expect to work during this period, how much time they hope to spend with family and friends – and what they have done to make it possible
  • what they are doing to make sure they start in the New Year – and what they will focus on then.

I hope you find this series inspiring. For starters, let me take a peek behind the scenes of what I’m doing on dPS, the product blog, for the holiday season.

Product blog

Time is busy for the dPS on the eve of the holiday season. In addition to maintaining our publishing schedule, we are beginning to prepare for our annual 12-day Christmas celebration. It’s always a lot of fun and a lot of work.

Festive promotions, facilities and visitors

For each of the 12 days preceding Christmas, we usually offer a special price for one of our own products or for products by a hand-picked partner. So, there is a lot of work to be done to implement these offers, and these sites and promotions will be ready ahead of time.

This sale is something that the dPS audience really likes, so we are trying to improve, and this year we are speeding things up again. Past experience has shown that the sale should generate a lot of additional traffic on the blog, but not only on the sales pages themselves – we will begin to see an increase in the number of visitors who come to certain tutorials. Posts about portraits and family shots are always popular at this time of year, as well as more specific topics such as fireworks photography.

And while we promote 12 days of Christmas offers as great gift ideas, we also encourage our regular readers to buy a special gift for themselves as well.


I always like to take free time for Christmas to spend with family and friends, and preparation is key. I am happy to be able to share some of the preparations with my team, but we also plan and schedule content in advance so everyone who works on the blog can enjoy their free time.

With all the activities going on before Christmas, I’m pretty busy. In the period between Christmas and New Year, I will apply from time to time, but I limit that to a minimum.

I’m looking forward to it

Taking free time means I have to prepare for the time when I will return to work in 2022. These preparations have been going on for some time – we already have our first new product ready for launch in January, so we will need some focus at the beginning of the year.

I will also start making our itinerary for the rest of the year in January, with my team, and of course, the publishing schedule is an ongoing task.

Ceremonial plan

Understanding seasonality is an important part of maximizing product sales for those who have a blog about a product or associated product.

The products at dPS are well suited for festive events, so we ensure that our campaigns are timed to maximize that potential. But even if your products aren’t very relevant for Christmas, there will be other times of the year when demand will be highest.

For those of us who rely on product sales revenue, it is important to have a plan so that you can meet that demand.

At the end of the series, I will give you a five-point checklist to help you prepare your blog about the product – or others – for the holiday season. But for now, I’m interested to hear your stories. What are your plans for your blog in the coming weeks? Let me know in the comments.

This article was first published on December 1, 2012 and republished on November 11, 2021.

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