How to check if a blog has been copied from the Internet (plagiarism check)

The Internet can be a blessing or a problem depending on how you use it. Imagine you are a blogger and you have given your best work for a website you have worked so hard for. You did your research and put in all the effort to write it with concentration just to find that someone copied all of your effort and put it as their own.

This practically sounds like breaking, but how will you know that the content you wrote was copied and published by someone else in 1st place.

There are many websites on the Internet that provide services to ensure that content is not copied and if so you can find out how not to post it on your website because it is plagiarized content and Google and the Internet take it very seriously

The list follows The best tools to check for plagiarism this can help you make sure your blog is copied or fresh


editpad plagiarism check

That is great plagiarism check which can let you know if the content of your blog has been copied. Analyzes search engine data to determine if the material is unique or contains any evidence of plagiarism.

Recognizes all three types of plagiarized content.

  • Paraphrased
  • Made by mistake
  • Copied

The functionality of this plagiarism check is quite smooth. In a few seconds you can check if your material is plagiarized by following a few simple procedures.

1. Copy and paste the blog into the attached input box or use the SELECT FILE tab to select a file from your local repository and upload it.

2. You’ll get a Google Chrome extension card that makes it easy to verify that your blog has been copied

3. Ensures that the blog you are viewing is safe and secure and that your intellectual property is not copied in any way.

4. To save the complete report for future use, click download the report and save it in PDF or HTML format.

5. Information that has been tainted by plagiarism will be underlined and the source will be revealed. There is a percentage assigned to unique and plagiarized content

6. If you receive content with plagiarism, use the MAKE IT UNIQUE card to access our plagiarism prevention tool, which will allow you to completely avoid plagiarism and protect your reputation and dignity.

7. You can also use these applications on your phone.

Not only bloggers, but also students, academics, professors and professional content writers can benefit from plagiarism check.

2. Check-plagiarism

plagiarism checkplagiarism check

As new blog writers enter the world of writing on a daily basis, you will need a powerful plagiarism check, provided by Check Plagiarism.

Put all the information into a plagiarism checker tool, which gives you 10k to 15k words for each search for free.

If the content of your blog exceeds this limit, you can always upgrade to a premium account, which will allow you unlimited word verification per second.

You will have many file alternatives to choose from, which allows you to browse each blog and ensure that updating the content of your blog does not contain plagiarism. Doc., Docx, txt and pdf files are accepted.

Check for plagiarism is like magic. It is quite easy to use and understand. If you want to present it at a meeting, it can also generate reports.

Plagiarism testing is essential for new brands, as it will help keep plagiarized content under control and maintain brand reputation.

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