How to avoid the danger of becoming a self-centered blogger

How to avoid the danger of becoming a self-centered blogger

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Updated release first published June 19, 2008

Let your blog go # 3

Another way some bloggers let go of their blogs is to allow their blog to be more about them and their own needs and less about the needs of their readers.

A blog will only be successful if it meets the needs of its readers in some way. This need may be for information, advice, inspiration, entertainment, community, etc.


I’ve seen many blogs become popular over the years to catch the crowd when a blogger takes his readers for granted.

This can be happy in many ways:

  • bloggers whose posts become full of affiliate programs / paid reviews
  • bloggers who get too big for their boots (arrogance)
  • bloggers who only promote their work and do not recognize their readers or other blogs in their niche

Let me say that I understand how easy it is to let your blog slip into this area. Sometimes the temptation to make your blog self-serving and not to your readers is great – however, you have to keep your balance (and that’s balancing because a blog should serve you too).


The solution is to know your readers and why they come to your blog and work on making it a useful blog that meets their needs.

Tips on how to have a blog that serves you and your readers:

It is worth reviewing or reviewing your blog from time to time in a number of areas. One of them should be about how useful your blog is and how much you focus on your readers. So make a review in this area by asking some of the following questions:

  • How many of my posts have practically helped people lately?
  • What percentage of my posts contain affiliate links or paid reviews?
  • Have I heard any recurring complaints from readers lately?
  • How much interaction do I have with readers (in email and comments)?
  • Do I answer readers’ questions?
  • What did I give to my readers?

If you’re not in balance with your blogging, here are a few suggestions I would give to fix things (based on previous posts here on ProBlogger):

Finally, when you find that your blog is starting to serve you more than your readers, you need to refocus your blog. Draw a line in the sand today and make it the beginning of a more rewarding experience for your readers.

Remember – it’s about Balance

Keep in mind that for a blog to be sustainable in the long run, it may not be ALL about your readers. Yes, they need to be first and foremost in your mind – but you also need to get something out of your blog. This can be simple personal satisfaction, building your profile, making money or something else – but if you don’t get some of it, you’ll probably burn out on your blog.

Adjust your balance and you will be in a good position to have a blog that not only helps you do something for you, but also others along the way.

Other resources:

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