Google Search Console test announcement bar

Google is testing a new announcement bar or tab at the top of the Google Search Console interface. The tape does not seem to be working properly yet, but there are three levels of announcement depending on the urgency of the information.

Types of announcements. The Google Search Console displays these three types of announcement bars:

  • Informative announcement
  • Announcement of a minor problem
  • Announcement of a bigger problem

How does it look like. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like right now, though clicking on it doesn’t do anything right now:

Why we care. It looks like Google will be able to use this to communicate Google search issues directly to site owners. Again, this is not fully functional at the moment, but I guess it will be launched soon.

Postscript. John Mueller of Google he said “If anyone else sees this in the Search Console, this is a test on our side of the functionality of the notification, which should not have been visible from the outside – sorry for the confusion.”

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