Google December Updating product reviews affects more than English-language sites?

Google Product Reviews update it has been announced that it will be introduced in English. It is not mentioned whether or when it will be published in other languages. Mueller answered the question whether it is transmitted to other languages.

Google Update Product Reviews for December 2021

On December 1, 2021, Google announced on Twitter that an update would be introduced to review products that would focus on English-language websites.

The focus of the update was on improving the quality of reviews displayed in Google search, especially targeting review pages.

Google employee tweeted a description of the types of sites that would be targeted for degradation in search rankings:

“Mostly relevant to sites that publish articles with product reviews.

Consider sites like ‘Best TVs Under $ 200’.

The goal is to improve the quality and usefulness of the reviews we show users. ”


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Google also released a blog post with more product review update guidelines that introduced two new best practices that Google’s algorithm would require.

The first best practice was to request evidence that the product was actually handled and inspected.

Another best practice was to provide links to more than one place where a user could purchase a product.

A statement on Twitter said it was spreading to English-language websites. The blog does not mention which languages ​​it runs in, nor does the blog state that updating product reviews is limited to English.

Google’s Mueller is considering updating product reviews

Screenshot of Google's John Mueller trying to recall whether the December product review update affects more than English

Product review Target update in multiple languages?

The person who asked the question rightly got the impression that updating the product review only affects the search results in English.


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However, he claimed to have noticed instability in the German language search that seems to be related to Google’s Product 20 December Product Update Update.

This is his question:

“I also saw some developments in the German search.

So I was wondering if this update to product reviews could affect websites in other languages ​​… because we’ve had a lot of movement and instability in recent weeks.

“My question is, is it possible that updating product reviews can affect other sites?”

John Mueller replied:

“I don’t know … like other languages?”

My guess was that this is global and in all languages.

But I don’t know what we specifically posted in the blog post.

But we usually try to encourage the engineering team to make a decision on how we can properly document this in a blog post.

I don’t know if this happened with updating product reviews. I don’t remember a complete blog post.

But it is… from my point of view, it seems like something we could do in multiple languages ​​and that would not be related to English.

Even if it was English in the beginning, it seems to be something that is relevant in its entirety, and we should try to find ways to transfer it to other languages ​​over time.

So I’m not particularly surprised to see changes in Germany.

But I also don’t know what we actually published about the locations and languages ​​in question. “

Does updating product reviews affect multiple languages?

Although the tweeted announcement specified that the update of product reviews is limited to English, the official blog post does not mention such restrictions.

Google’s John Mueller expressed his opinion that updating product reviews is something Google could do in multiple languages.

One has to wonder if the tweet should have announced that the update was launched first in English and then in other languages.

It is unclear whether updating product reviews has been introduced globally in multiple languages. We hope Google clarifies this soon.


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Watch Mueller answer the question at 2 p.m.


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