Top 10 Best CRM Software For Small Businesses in 2022

CRM Software For Small Businesses

CRM Software For Small Businesses : To improve any business, it is very important to have a better relationship with the customer, if you do small business crm software online and work hard in many ways for business improvement, then you should also improve customer relationship management to make the business better and smarter. For this, there is much CRM software available on the Internet, with the help of which you can maintain a relationship with your customer.

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There is much online software available on the Internet to improve the relationship with the customer and manage the management, using which many people are increasing their business. If you are looking for this type of software, then you can use your examples of crm software by reading the information here.

CRM Software For Small Businesses

Customer data is very important in any business; this software provides all the functions to manage customer data. This software keeps the customer’s data completely secure. This software allows you to get online contact details in the form of customer leads.

Developed By: Roy Mann and Eran Zinman.

Type: Private

Headquarters: Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel

Initial Release: 2010

Operating Systems: Windows, iPhone/iPad, Android, Mac.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based and Open API.

Language Support: English

Annual Revenue: $120M-$150M

Price: Here you get different ranges of prices in which Basic ($17 per month), Standard ($26 per month), and Pro ($39 per month),

Pipe Drive CRM

This is popular crm software small business available on the Internet, which is used by many people to improve their business online; it provides more output with less input. This software provides you an opportunity to do non-stop sales, so the demand for such systems is high in the market.

Type: Commercial

Head Quarters: Tallinn, Estonia, New York, USA.

Initial Release: 21st June 2010

Based on Language: JavaScript, HTML, UTF-5, CSS, Google Analytics, Microdata, etc.

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Android, iPhone, Mac, Web-Based, etc.


Silver: the US $12.50

Gold: US $24.20

Platinum: US $49.17

Oracle Netsuite

This software program provides a cloud-based small business crm software that helps in 360-degree view real-time information of the customer. With the help of this you can manage sales order, renewal, fulfilment, upsell, cross-sell, etc.

Developed by: Oracle

Type: Private

Headquarters: California, US

Operating Systems: Android, iOS, and Web-based.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Language Support: English

Pricing: You can use the free version of this tool.

This software is a very popular tool in the form of a lead management tool, which is perfect software for team management at small and large scales. Leads can be easily tracked through this software.

Developed By:

Type: Private

Headquarters: Paris, France

Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based.

Language Support: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, and Italian.

Price: It is available in different price ranges starting from $12 per user per month and also comes with 15 days free trial.

BIG Contacts

This software provides better customer relationships for small and big businesses using advanced technology through which business-related customers can be targeted. Through this software, sales can be improved through advanced marketing.

Developed by: Bob Walton (Acquired by ProProfs)

Type: Private

Headquarters: Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, California, USA

Initial Release: 2006

Operating Systems: Windows and web-based

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Language Support: English

Price: Under BIGContacts you get the following categories of pricing

BIG ($5/user/month),

BIGGER ($15/user/month),

BIGGEST ($25/user/month),

Here on this platform, you get a free trial of up to 30 days.


It is great software for advanced sales that provides all kinds of convenience for the team. The program performs better in sales through sales automation and pipe management. This CRM comes with a simple dashboard which makes it easy to operate.

Developed By: Rapidops Inc.

Type: Private

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC

Initial Release: 2016

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Language Support: English

Pricing: This program is available in three different price ranges

Starter ($12 per user/month) Growth ($24 per user/month) and ($40 per user month).

Zoho CRM (CRM Software For Small Businesses)

It is a cloud-based program system that is almost 15 years old it is a reliable management system that is being used by many people as CRM. This system provides convenience for all types of small and big businesses. Apart from the pipeline, it is also a better program for lead management.

Developed by: Sridhar Vembu and Tony Thomas.

Type: Commercial/Private

Head Quarters: Austin

Initial Release: 1996.

Based on Language: Java

Free: Up to 3 users

Standard: $14

Professional: $23

Enterprise: $40

Ultimate: $52

Apart from this, you get 30 days free trial in this.

FreeAgent CRM

This program manages the day-to-day activities related to the customer which provides help in better relationships with the customer.

Developed By: FreeAgent

Type: Privately Held

Headquarters: Walnut Creek, California

Operating Systems: Web-based platform.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Pricing: Here you get an opportunity to avail service both annually and monthly.

Help Desk: $50 per user per month.

B2B Customer Service: $75 per user per month.

Keep (CRM Software For Small Businesses)

This tool provides services related to all types of business management, according to which all types of small and big businesses can be managed. New marketing strategies are used by this tool to improve sales so that better relationships can be built with clients.

Developed By: Scott and Eric Martineau

Type: Private

Headquarters: Chandler, Arizona

Operating Systems: Web-based, Android, & iOS.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based

Language Support: English

Pricing: Under this software, you get to see three different prices.

Lite ($40 per month)

Pro ($80 per month)

Max ($100 per month)

Apart from this, you also get a free trial of 14 days.


This program is designed in such a way that all types of small and big businesses can be managed. Sales deals can be tracked through this tool. CRM and sales deals are better options to increase sales growth. Using this tool online helps in managing customer relationships which is a perfect fit for any business.

Developed By: Sreedhar Ambati

Type: Private

Headquarters: Mountain House, CA.

Initial Release: 2017

Operating Systems: Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone/iPad.

Deployment Type: Cloud-based.

Language Support: English

Pricing: This is a free tool using which you can implement in your business.

In this way, with the help of the Top 10 Best CRM Software given here, you can grow your new, old, small, big business of every type; it helps you in many ways in online business implementation.

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