chronological feed return testing begins

Instagram has started testing the chronological feed it promised last month. The company has started testing new versions of its feed, which will allow users to switch between chronological and algorithmically sorted feeds, says Instagram boss Adam Moseri.

Mosseri first shared plans to restore chronological content in December during the year on the impact of Instagram on the mental health of teenagers and children. The company later confirmed that it is working on two new versions of its feed, one called “favorites” and one called “following”.

In his lwitnesses comments, Mosseri said Instagram will soon allow users to switch between three different feeds: home, favorites and follows. The homepage will be similar to Instagram’s current feed, which ranks posts based on what you’re likely to be interested in, while “favorites” will be a dedicated feed for the friends you care about most. “Following” will be a chronological feed only for the accounts you follow, similar to the default content on Instagram before 2016.

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“We think it’s important that you can get to the chronological feed quickly, if you’re interested and see the latest ones published by the orders you follow,” Mosseri said in the video.

It is important that the “home” feed will also see significant changes. Mosseri said the main feed “will have more and more recommendations over time”. The company has already tested by adding recommendations from and Reels in its main feed, so it sounds like Instagram is planning to redouble these efforts. Last week, Mosseri said the company did “Re-examine what Instagram is” in 2022 and will focus on Reels and building more tools for creators.

For now, new feed changes will not be widespread. Mosseri said that the new food tests “are already coming out or coming out in the next few weeks”, and it is expected that the “full experience” will be launched for everyone in the “first half of this year”.

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