BMW will use Amazon’s Fire TV to power the 8K rear ‘Theater Screen’

It has nothing to do with those cars coddle drivers – BMW wants to give rear seat passengers a luxurious treatment. It is previewing 31-inch, 8K “Theater Screen” option for passengers based on Fire TV for cars. Pick it up and the 32: 9 screen will extend from the roof, along with 5G data and Bowers & Wilkins surround sound. You will even watch the curtains close and listen to the introductory theme of soundtrack composer Hans Zimmer.

Content from Amazon’s platform will ‘just’ play in 4K, and several videos will take full advantage of the ultra-wide aspect ratio of 32: 9. Still, you can tilt the screen for an ideal view, and the two rear passengers can control the volume and the rest of the entertainment system.

BMW has not said which vehicles will include the Theater Screen other than “future” models, but you will approach it as part of the My Modes feature that debuted in iX. Price and availability were also not available, although you can assume this will be expensive. This cost is not necessarily a concern for the target audience – it can be as much for customers with a driver as it is for parents who hope to pamper their children during the trip.

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