Black + Decker’s Bev is a $ 300 Keurig for cocktails

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Now it seems inevitable that one day all our food and drink needs will be delivered in the form of pods. Keurig showed us how easy it is to make brown water with caffeine from beans, and now Black + Decker’s Bev will do the same thing for cocktails, mixing capsules filled with ingredients from five different liqueurs for those who want a home bar experience without any work. .

Mixing cocktails is not a particularly demanding task, but it requires enough patience to use a measuring device such as a jigger or enough sobriety to accurately pour the ingredients. By the end of the night, most of us are missing both, so Bev promises to do all the hard work on your behalf, and without the risk of spilling when someone feels inspired to try their hand at bartending.

Picture for an article titled This Keurig for Cocktails made me face how easy it is to make yourself a drink

Picture: Black + Decker

Instead of ground coffee in beans, Bev uses Bartesian’s cocktail capsules (sold separately), which contain ingredients for more than 40 different cocktails, as well as a bar code at the top of each pod that Bev scans to know the types and quantities of drinks to be dispensed.

Bev has a water container like most instant coffee machines, but it also includes places for five bottles of alcoholic beverages: gin, rum, tequila, vodka and whiskey. Users can install any brand of drink they want because Bev uses long metal straws to pull the product out of each bottle, although there seems to be a limit to how tall or wide each bottle can be. Black + Decker states that the compatibility for “five standard 750 ml bottles,Which means that most popular brands will work.

Users will be able to track how full each bottle is while using Bev, but the machine will also automatically detect when a certain drink has expired or when there is not enough to mix cocktails in the selected strength, and will alert the user before trying to make a drink. The machine also has LED accent lighting to illuminate each bottle and an optional entertainment mode that will illuminate each bottle in a row for an extra layer of entertainment.

Bev is undoubtedly much cheaper than paying a professional bartender to mix your drinks at home (and $ 150 cheaper than Bartesian’s own automated cocktail machine) but obviously it is it is no cheaper than mixing your own. Bartesian capsules cost just over $ 3 apiece (or a little cheaper if you buy them in a pack of 32 instead of just eight), and the Bev itself will sell for $ 300 when available somewherepring — plus the cost of the drink. If that sounds like theft, well, he must really hate measuring you.

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