Top 10 Best Online Course Selling Platforms in 2022

Best Online Course Selling Platforms

Best Online Course Selling Platforms : The medium of the internet has made human life very easy. Today, many people around the world use the internet in their daily life, entertainment or education through the internet can be obtained in a very easy way. Almost all the people were forced to be imprisoned in their homes.

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in this situation all the people also used to study online using the internet, there are many such platforms on the internet which do online course selling, many people using such platform We try to learn something new by buying courses, but the courses provided everywhere are not necessarily good, so you need to know about the right platform, today in this article we will learn about the top 10 best online course selling platforms.

Top 10 Best Online Course Selling Platforms


This is the most popular and better platform on the internet which provides services related to the online course learning. In today’s time, if you want to learn a lot through the Internet, then this is a successful platform for such people, different types of courses are available on this platform in different price ranges.


Basic ($49/month)

Pro ($99/month)

Premier ($499/month)​


In today’s time, many students want to improve their skills by learning software-related courses, if you want to do this type of course, then this can be a better platform for you where you can complete some online courses according to your interest. You can learn new, this course is very much liked for interactive learning, there are different courses according to the student, which they can do according to their budget.


Starter $24/month

Pro Trainer $79/month

Learning Center $249/month

Apart from this, you can also get a free trial of about 30 days on this platform.


Many students want to spread their skills to a higher level, in such a situation, learning high-end courses can be a good thing, if you want to improve your career by learning high-class courses, then this platform can provide you the right service here. You get to see many professional courses which you can learn online from here.


Basic ($119/month)

Growth ($119/month)

Pro ($319/month)


Many people like to learn courses through online platforms, but many people are new who want to start learning online, then teachable can be a better platform for such beginners, there are many verities of entry-level courses, users can choose their own. You can do these courses according to the need, here you get to see the beginning of the course at a low cost, as well as here you get a free course of about 1 month, after that, you can complete the course by paying money according to your course.


Basic ($29/month)

Pro ($99/month)

Business ($249/month)


While doing any online course, users want to get all kinds of facilities so that users can learn the course in a better way. Podia is such a platform where you can download the course-related videos apart from learning the course, here you will get the standard The list of courses is available from where you can do your favorite course, here you are provided all the services like videos, images, software, etc. in the course.


Mover ($39/month)

Shaker ($79/month)

Earthquaker ($179/month)

Apart from this, here you can take membership and you can also affiliate for this course.


This is a WordPress plugin using which you can sell online courses through the website it is mainly for the WordPress user. This feature helps in removing other distractions while learning the course, here users get many features related to course selling, through which students can easily get the course.


($13.25/month) Apart from this, you also get 30 days free trial here.

Ruzuku (Best Online Course Selling Platforms)

This tool gives you the option to create an online detailed course where you can create step by step course information here you can develop a course outline with ease in very little time here you can create your course and sell online This process can be completed in a very short time, here you get to see many better and advanced features which helps you in marketing the course in different ways and selling better.

Pricing: $74.75/month

You can get this with 14 days free trial and 30 days money-back offer.

Academy of Mine

This is a high-quality e-learning platform where you can get a professional education; here you get many types of better courses that help in business growth and implementation if you are thinking of starting any kind of small or big business. If you have been, then you get better options for business management here, by learning online, you can make yourself skilled for business. Herewith the help of this platform, you are not only taught but you are also helped in getting started.



Apart from this, here you get a free trial of 30 days.

Udemy (Best Online Course Selling Platforms)

This is a popular platform where you can learn many online courses with the help of your mobile or computer; here new courses are updated frequently. There is a great course, through which you can increase your skills, many people are also earning money by learning the course here, there are many important courses used in daily life.


Here everyone has different prices according to different courses; here you are given 30 days money-back guarantee.

Shaw Academy

This is a professional online platform that provides various types of courses for online students where students can access all courses by login on this platform here it is also very easy to log in to get the courses in the program here this platform But there are many such courses which help in enhancing your skills.


Here you get courses in the range of $49.99 to $60 per month plus you get a free trial of four weeks here.

In this way, through the information given here, you can understand the top 10 best online course selling platforms, as well as you can also do your favourite course.

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