Apple’s AirTag is the cheapest it has ever been on Amazon

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Apple’s AirTags can be a good way to keep track of that new backpack or wallet you got during the holidays, and now you can take one of the trackers for less. Amazon has a single AirTag for $ 24, which is $ 5 less than usual and a new record low. The only time we saw AirTags for less than this was during the Woot sale of a pack of four. This is, however, the best price we’ve seen if you only want one of the trackers – and although it’s a relatively small discount, it’s a good offer for accessories that rarely go on sale.

Buy AirTag on Amazon – $ 24

AirTags they’re designed to work with iPhones, which means you’ll get a pretty flawless experience from the moment you take the coin-sized tracker out of the box. The Find My app will instantly recognize the AirTag and you can tag it with the name of what it is attached to. Since there are no keyholes on the AirTag, you will need some sort of pouch or holder if you want to attach the tracker to your keys, but you can find affordable AirTag accessories easily over the web. Given how small the AirTags are, they will easily fit in your bag pocket or fold in your wallet without any problems.

Once set up, you can go back to the Find My app to locate the things you are missing and you can make AirTag broadcast a ringtone to make it easier to find your stuff if you’re still relatively close to it. Plus, if you have an iPhone that supports ultra-broadband, AirTag’s precision retrieval feature can take you directly to your stuff with instructions on your phone’s screen. You may have to wait a bit to get the AirTag because Amazon’s estimated delivery time is late January, but now is a good time to add AirTag to your Apple settings while saving some money.

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