20 most popular videos on YouTube

Top 10 YouTube Videos. With 1.9 billion viewers and 5 billion YouTube views per day, YouTube is the best video-sharing website. YouTube always strives to maintain the quality of videos that users post to YouTube daily, every hour, minute by minute.

In this article I will talk about the favorites Videos on YouTube List-Wise.


This video was posted on January 17, 2017 by Luis Fonsi. The total number of likes for DesPacito is 41.50 million. DesPacito is at the top of the list of favorite videos on the list. If you don’t know about Video Language, but you should like DesPacito Video.

2-See you again

Wiz Khalifa posted this video on YouTube. SEE YOU Again on the 2nd list of YouTube videos I like the most. This video was posted on April 6, 2020 by 31.37 million likes by See you again ft. Charlie Puth.

This song was created in memory of Paul Walker in 2015. Within a year, this video will be on the charts.

3-Shape of You

This video is in the top 3 on the list of YouTube’s favorite videos. January 30, 2017, This video was posted on the YouTube channel. Ed Sheeran is the uploader of the form of your official music video. This video received a total of 25.18 million likes. Ed Sheeran is a top singer and runs her own YouTube channel.


5-Shape of You, Ed Sheeran

The date of posting this video on YouTube is June 30, 2017. It has now crossed 50 million subscribers on YouTube.

6-Boy With Luv

This song was recorded by a South Korean singer. This video was posted on the YouTube channel on April 12, 2019, so far, 1.4 billion views recorded on the video.


Alan Walked Faded is also on the list of the 10 most popular videos on Youtube. This video was posted by Faded on December 3, 2016, and look at 3.1 billion to date and it still counts, it’s amazing.

8-Gangnam Style

PSY Gangnam Style was set up 9 years ago, but today he loves this song. As of July 15, 2012, 4.2 billion views have been recorded on video, and in 2021, one million views are coming day by day.

9-How do you like it

This song was recorded in two languages, Japanese and Korean, by a group of Korean girls a year ago.


This video was posted by American DJ and producer Marshmello on July 2, 2016. 2.1 billion people are watching this video on YouTube.

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